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13/01/2024 13:49 Australian Central Standard Time (South Australia)

13/01/2024: Re-roofing Tarni Street
16/04/2023: A trip to Ngarkat Conservation Park last easter
25/09/2022: A bushwalk in the Flinders Ranges
05/02/2022: Nina's first day at the market with her new trailer.
09/04/2021: Another trip to Loveday
26/12/2020: Max new chess table
17/06/2020: Our corona virus lock-down project. A new dining table.
12/01/2020: Anna got a new wardrobe
13/10/2019: Unser Shed hat endlich eine Tuere und Fenster.
13/07/2019: Nina got a new shelf for her bakery.
12/05/2019: Tackling the Border Track
23/01/2018: Finally done - the new shed
25/03/2017: Our trip to Loveday
19/03/2017: Walking the cars at Jakem Farm
11/02/2017: Mein neues (altes) Auto
20/11/2016: Die Roboroos East gewinnen den Lego Robots Wettbewerb.
08/05/2016: My new hobby - making the best sausages ever
04/01/16: Monarto Zoo
08/01/2016: Our new workshop.
05/09/2015: Endlich ist es wieder Fruehling. Seht selbst...
11/02/2015: We got the first egg, yeah! Scroll down there...
3/12/2015: Sampson Flat Bushfire
28/11/2014: Die Huehner sind da!
25/12/2014: Uff, ein weiteres Jahr ist fast um und endlich habe ich Urlaub. Jetzt ist es Weihnachten, und wie wir das hier so feiern seht ihr hier: clicklediclack
11/09/2014: There was a reason why I switched to dogs years ago; all my cats got struck by cars in Germany. Here it's the wildlife in peoples backyards. Sad news. Pepper died last night, most likely bitten by a snake. She didn't even make it to the vet.
30/05/2014: Pepper, our new family member. It took us a while to get to that name, but we think it's well matching what he looks like. Among the names we considered were, e.g. Cuculus, Tom, Leo, Schröder, Felix, Henry, Charon and a lot more. Max' favourite was Schröder, but no one else in Australia could pronounce that name...
Pepper is a really friendly and cuddly tomcat and started cuddling Bella already. She is still a little bit careful, cause of his sharp claws.
10/05/2014: All about White Ants aka Termites /home/adelaide/whiteants/

24/04/2014: Melba's Chocolate Factory /home/adelaide/chocolatefac/

22/04/2014: The Big Rocking Horse in Gumeracha /home/adelaide/bigrockingho/

20/04/2014: How we celebrate Easter Down Under /home/action/easter2014/

16/01/2014: It's bloody hot today /home/action/blisteringhe/

12/11/2013: Yakka means hard work but it is also an Australian native that grows here in Fairview Park: