Nuclear Waste Demo

09/11/2016 09:21 Australian Central Standard Time (South Australia)

09/11/2016: Update: Citizen's Jury says NO

"70% of the Jurors said that under NO circumstance would they recommend a dump proceed - on the grounds of the rights for Traditional Owners, lack of trust in the government and a poor economic case." Their report is a very interesting document of contemporary history (link below).

I personally wasn't prepared to accept the verdict of a jury appointed by a pro-nuclear lobby that's designed to annul truly democratic decisions. But the result is at least very acceptable and Jay has to stop his outrageous plans immediately. It remains to be seen what he does next...

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An opinion piece by Alliance friend Dave Sweeney -
16/10/2016: I'm not the youngest any more and I've seen and heard a lot of bullshit. But this idea of SA's premier Jay Weatherill is by far the most retarded one. I've actually no idea why a politician would promote an idea to collect the worlds most radioactive waste and dump it right here in the Flinders Ranges against the majority of the population. The plan is to dump the radioactive waste in barrels above ground for 120 years and let future generations solve the problem how and where to dig it in.
So why would someone like him promote such a crazy idea? I assume he got either bribed by the mining industry that wants to sell more uranium or by some proponents of nuclear energy. Introducing nuclear power through the back-door maybe?
That debate won't be over soon, there are people with millions of dollars at their fingertips to fight this through. The average Joe on the other hand has nothing but people-power. And that's what we did today. We went down to parliament house to tell jay to go to hell.
Nina and the kids
Nina and the kids
On the stairs of Parliament House
On the stairs of Parliament House
Roughly 3000 people attended the rally<br>this is a lot because demonstrations are very rare in Adelaide
Roughly 3000 people attended the rally
this is a lot because demonstrations are very rare in Adelaide
Anna in the crowd
Anna in the crowd
Aboriginal elders organized the protest
Aboriginal elders organized the protest

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